Wednesday, 13 March 2013

PVS Tools - PVSDataCollector - PVSDataParser

Check out the latest tools from Citrix, PVSDataTools

PVSDataTools is a set of tools used to collect and parse data from a Provisioning Services (PVS) Server to assist in troubleshooting an issue. PVSDataTools contains two tools: PVSDataCollector and PVSDataParser.
PVSDataCollector v1.2.2
The PVSDataCollector collects the following information from the PVS Server:

  • System Information
  • Windows Event Logs
  • TCP and UDP Port Information
  • PVS Logs (Entire Directory)
  • PVS Configuration Files
  • PVS Data (that is farm, server, collection, device, disk, site and store information)

  • PVSDataParser 1.2.2
    The PVSDataParser is used to view the following data collected from the PVSDataCollector:

  • System Information
  • TCP and UDP Port Information
  • PVS Logs
  • Basic PVS Overview

  • Check out for more info and for the download.

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