Friday, 24 January 2014

PVS Device Optimizer throws the error "Product Key Not Found"

On a recent build I found I was getting the below error "Product Key Not Found" when trying to run the Citrix Provisioning Services Device Optimizer.

After a look at procmon the solution:
Create a folder called “LocallyPersistedData” under c:\programData\Citrix\PVSAgent

Same solution to a different problem @

This was affected me in PVS 6.1HF19

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  1. Citrix is really messed up on that file. We were getting an error 1603 on install of "Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows Server OS" The log revealed a problem with MachineManagementProvider_x64.msi. We ran that manually and found that the issue was with locallypersisteddata folder permissions. We opened that file up and the Installer was able to complete. Get it together PVS team :)