Friday, 24 January 2014

PVS Device Optimizer throws the error "Product Key Not Found"

On a recent build I found I was getting the below error "Product Key Not Found" when trying to run the Citrix Provisioning Services Device Optimizer.

After a look at procmon the solution:
Create a folder called “LocallyPersistedData” under c:\programData\Citrix\PVSAgent

Same solution to a different problem @

This was affected me in PVS 6.1HF19


  1. Citrix is really messed up on that file. We were getting an error 1603 on install of "Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows Server OS" The log revealed a problem with MachineManagementProvider_x64.msi. We ran that manually and found that the issue was with locallypersisteddata folder permissions. We opened that file up and the Installer was able to complete. Get it together PVS team :)

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