Thursday, 6 February 2014

Edgesight for Netscaler Causes Pages to Render in Internet Explorer 7 Compatibility

We recently implemented a Sharepoint 2013 environment in work and I got a call that once Edgesight for Netscaler was implemented, the Sharepoint pages were rendering in IE7 Compatibility. Looking at the IE Developer options verified this as the page default rendering was now IE7. Much of the formatting of the page was incorrect.

When the html injection was disabled I could see the correct <head> section present in the pages being rendered with content="IE=edge" present. I noticed though that with injection enabled the Netscaler was injecting the script before the <head> on the page and I suspected that we were dropping the rendering level even before reading the head section.

To get around this I modified the prebody.js as below, adding another <head> section to the top of the page.

As an aside to get the logging working corrected I needed to modify my prebody.js to statically set my server name too. Not sure if I missed somthing else in config, thus needing to add the entry, or if there is some bug.

Below is a snip of the prebody:

Edgesight for Netscaler 2.1
Netscaler Version: NS10.1: Build

NS10.1: Build

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