Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Multiple .NET Errors on XenApp with PVS

So I have been battling an issue with one of my PVS images for the past couple of weeks. The XenApp servers would be fine after reboot for a few hours, but then I'd start to get calls that HP Quality Center and SQL Management Studio would start crashing on execution for users in new sessions. I have 20 Servers provisioned from this image, and only a subset would seemingly be affected, randomly. The below is an example of the issue with the HP ALM-Client. This would be coupled to .NET errors in the windows application logs.

I spent a lot of time re-installing .NET, upgrading to 4.5.2, installing hotfixes and nothing seemed to have any impact.

Eventually, I discovered that the following resolved the issue:

  • Disable Memory Optimisation that was set in a computer XenApp policy
  • Stop and disable the Citrix x64 Memory Optimisation Service and the Citrix Virtual Memory Optimisation Service.

The errors disappeared immediately, without even the need to reboot, and I have received no further calls. Server performance still looks the same so the impact have been zero in those terms. As this is a PVS image, I updated the GPO applied to the targets' OU which stops and disables these services.

Just hoping I can save you a little time should you run into the same issue.

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